I haven’t been here in ages, huh. I’m not quite sure if I ever come back here for good but it is an option…

I just wanted to say that:

1) I didn’t abandon tumblr nor this exact blog.

2) I WAS EXTREMELLY HAPPY when I discovered that I still have some followers (due to their mess in followed blogs, I believe… but…) and SUPER EXTREMELLY HAPPY when they turned out to be the ones I had secret crushes on C:

5068888 said:
what day was this and was she alone? Which stop? Thank you.  

It was yesterday (June 22nd) and yes, she was alone; can’t tell you much about the stops, though.

She looked beautiful and I couldn’t help but looking at her legs *blush*

You know when they say “don’t be stupid. You won’t meet any celebrity because you’re in London, dude”. Yeah, well, that was what I thought before I’d sat in the tube next to Angel Coulby on my third day in London.

I was too shy to talk to her, though.

In two weeks from now I’ll be in London, so I’ll have internet connection again (finally). So close!


Big HELLO for my new followers :)))

day 237942348703: still no sign of internet connection


- Why today?

inspired by bentobride [x]

short note: this blog is not abandonded. I just don’t have internet connection at the moment. will be back as soon as I fix this (:

24-27/100 Pictures of Billie Piper


Welcome home.

- “Good”.

- “Good”.